Northern Michigan canoe rentals, Manistee River

Oak Grove Campground
near the Manistee River

manistee river campgrounds

Oak Grove Campground

Northern Michigan Camping - full hookup
sites complete with water, electricity and
sewer near Cadillac, Michigan.

Manistee River Camping
at Chippewa Landing

island campsite camp

Chippewa Landing Campground

Northern Michigan Campground - group
camping, family camping and rustic camping
on the Manistee River





Firewood at the Manistee River and Oak Grove Campgrounds

We have firewood for sale on site, and ask you to please not bring your own. Our firewood is cut from the local area, dried, and is inexpensive. At Chippewa Landing we know the importance of a campfire while camping, and you will not find a bigger bundle of wood for sale. We also sell face cords and half face cords for large camping groups, or just long stays at our campgrounds.


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